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These Xenoblade Chronicles X screens were delivered as bitmaps

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a beautiful game and deserves a beautiful file format.

Unfortunately I only have so much upstream bandwidth, so I not only shrunk 'em down, I then compressed the heck out of them. They are ruined forever. I'm not even sorry.

If you really want to know how beautiful Xenoblade Chronicles X is (beautiful enough to make my laptop groan while batch processing) you'll just have to pick it up on Wii U; during Nintendo's E3 2015 show we learned it is coming west in December. The New Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer is pretty good, by the way.

Anyway: screenshots, factsheet, artwork. Enjoy, my precious cherubim.

Fight for survival while exploring the vast expanses of an unknown planet where anything you see is reachable in your weaponized mech, called a Skell. Custom- ize a lethal skill set of combat and defensive skills, called Arts, to strengthen your strategies and defeat enemies efficiently. Attack your enemies from multiple directions using melee weapons, guns, and your greatest asset—your tactical mind.

  • Explore a seamless open world filled with unknown creatures of all sizes
  • Features a unique battle system that builds on the triumphs of the Xenoblade Chronicles game
  • Ride and control a giant mech, called a Skell, to fight against aliens and unknown creatures
  • An all-new story involving intergalactic war between aliens and human survivors
  • Rich character and weapon customization
  • Join an online squad to share and receive information about items, quests and local wildlife with other players
  • Recruit other player’s avatars and use them in the single player story
  • Join an online squad with other players to battle powerful World Bosses and share information about items, quests and enemies

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