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Xbox One's cloud tech will make it best place to play games, says Microsoft exec

Xbox One's cloud functionality will make it the premier place to play games in the next-generation, according to Microsoft's director of marketing Craig Flannagan.

Speaking with MP1st, Flannagan said of online gaming on Xbox One, “The cloud is a really important part of it. Xbox One is going to be the best place to play games and a big reason for that is that games come alive because of the cloud.

"So, the game that you get on that first day is going to change. It’s going to be a different game. It’s going to evolve, have living worlds, worlds that change, worlds that persist. What we’re doing is we’re giving developers a palette so they can create games they wouldn’t be able to create anywhere else.”

“From an Xbox Live standpoint, [you'll have] the ability to play your games anywhere. Anywhere you go, you can sign in and all your games are there. With game DVR and Upload Studio, [you'll have] the ability to capture your multiplayer moments, good or bad, epic wins or epic fails, edit them up, and share them out. Those are the social features of the cloud and what’s going to make games different and only available on Xbox One.”

Flannagan's comments echo Microsoft's vocal backing of cloud technology for Xbox One, and just this morning we reported that Microsoft is to invest $700 million into a new cloud computing site in Des Moines, Iowa to boost Xbox Live and Xbox One's cloud functionality.

Microsoft has also said that Xbox One will be over ten times as powerful as Xbox 360 thanks to cloud processing.

What do you think of Xbox One's cloud strategy? Is it viable, or is it a gimmick? Let us know below.

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