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Xbox One needs "to do better" in Europe, says Microsoft's Phil Spencer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said Xbox One needs "to do better" in markets such as mainland Europe.

Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, via Videogamer, Spencer told the magazine Europe as an area the company wants to focus on, which is why it's hosting its first press presentation at Gamescom in years.

"I'm excited about going to Gamescom at the beginning of August, having another press show where we're able to show games that we didn't show [at E3]," said Spencer. "So you're going to see brand new games, as well as obviously some repeats. From a product standpoint, I like where we are. I think the team's doing a great job with the games and building a platform for gamers."

An interview with SCEE president Jim Ryan published on VG247 yesterday claimed that PS4 has "market leadership in every country in Europe" and "very significant market leadership in continental Europe. Extremely significant. I don't think market-share's any less than 70%, and frequently greater than 90% in continental Europe."

Spencer went on to admit Sony does a "really good job" due to its long history in the European markets and it has "earned the success in those regions."

"I watch what they do because they do a lot of good things, and I want to make sure that we're being smart about succeeding," he continued. "And there are places like Latin America where Xbox does really well, and in the US the numbers keep going back and forth - it's good competition which I think is good for everybody.

During E3, SCEE president Jim Ryan told VG247 Sony has a "very significant market leadership" in Europe sitting at around 70%, and "frequently greater" than 90% in continental Europe.

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