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Looks like a faster, better Edge browser is coming to Xbox soon

It looks like Microsoft is bringing a new Edge browser to its Xbox consoles, with testers in the Alpha Skip-Ahead group now able to access the Windows 10 web browser.

Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X users that have signed up to be a part of Xbox's testing schemes can now download the Edge Chromium-powered browser. Though it currently lacks mouse and keyboard support, this new browser is certainly an upgrade from the previous browser that was the default on the consoles – which was powered by Microsoft's own ill-fated Spartan tech.

As reported by Thurrott, this new browser - available to anyone in the Skip-Ahead grouping of the Alpha program - is the same browser you'll find on Windows 10, meaning anyone wanting to use the browser for whatever reason on Xbox consoles is going to have a smoother, easier time of it. Better yet, the new browser seems to support extensions, vertical tabs, Collections, and other Edge desktop features, too.

What's more, the browser will run Google’s Stadia streaming service, allowing users to play Stadia games via their Xbox if they're so inclined. It's a shame we've recently heard just how many Stadia games were reportedly canned, then; the idea of playing an episodic Hideo Kojima horror title via Xbox's own browser certainly is exciting.

It stands to reason that the browser will also support xCloud streaming once Microsoft gets that up and running properly for Edge. The fact we saw Microsoft start testing 1080p streaming for Xbox Game Pass cloud games at the end of February now takes on a slightly more exciting context, then.

There is currently no date announced for the Edge browser arriving for regular gamers, but if it's in testing now, you likely don't have too long to wait.

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