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WWI zombie shooter NecroVisioN gets a demo


1C Company and The Farm 51 have released the single-player  PC demo for NecroVisioN.

The first-person horror shooter puts players in the fatigues of American soldier Simon Bukner, who must fight his way through the bleak trenches of WWI and into the very jaws of Hell. Spooky.

No matter what the setting, time frame or historical inaccuracies, killing zombies equals good times.

The game is out February 27; until then get the demo on FileFront and the official website.

Press release and more game info after the jump.

NecroVisioN Single Player Demo Now Available For Download
Milton Keynes – Sample both the frying pan and the fire in the new one level demo for NecroVisioN, 505 Games’ and 1C’s old school style FPS, set both in the First World War and the innards of the earth.

Starting near the beginning of the game, you will have to battle your way through the German lines, dispatching the Kaiser’s boys as they cower in their trenches. As you push further forward into enemy lines things take an unexpected and horrific turn as the dead rise from their muddy graves and attacking any living creature they can find. Now you must try and escape through the scores of German soldiers, while fighting off flesh-hungry zombies.

You will be able to use traditional allied weapons, such as the Colt 1911 or Lee Enfield, whilst selecting from the German Luger and Gewehr rifles, if you manage to salvage them from the battlefield. There are also traditional bayonets, heavy machine-guns, trench guns and, if you are truly desperate, a shovel to batter their spiked helmets flat.

The demo features one full level and will be released today. Visit for a list of mirrors to download the NecroVisioN demo now!

About NecroVisioN
NecroVisioN is a fast-paced shooter which will be exclusively released for PC this spring by 505 Games, under the 1C Company label. Developed by Polish developer The Farm 51, it mixes historical accuracy with a twisted plot and an alternate reality that sees gamers venturing into the very jaws of Hell itself to stop a zombie army and an evil demon overlord. Created by several of the original members of the Painkiller Team, NecroVisioN throws non-stop hordes of enemies at the player but gives them powerful weapons to fight off the invasion and save the world.

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