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WWE 2K15 DLC featuring Hulk Hogan has been pulled - report

If you paid for WWE 2K15's Hulk Hogan DLC, we have some bad news.


The WWE has cut all ties with Hogan following the reveal of a racist rant during a sex tape, of all things, with the result that Hogan will not be appearing in future WWE 2K games.

It looks like the decision is retroactive, as well, as Hulk Hogan-related WWE 2K15 DLC is no longer on sale on console storefronts. That's all fine, but according to The Games Cabin, current owners of the DLC can no longer download it. So if you paid for the pack but either didn't get around to downloading it or deleted it for some reason, it's gone for good.

There's been no talk yet of refunds for those now unable to access the content. We'll update if 2K provides any clarification

This isn't the first time 2K has withdrawn WWE content in accordance with its licensing contracts; Chris Benoit was also removed. The fine print you skip through when purchasing and installing video games flags the possibility of sudden removals, although it's pretty rare.

In this case it's extra awkward because Hogan was highlighted in the special edition of WWE 2K15. There were a couple of Hogan-specific character packs as well as various costumes and other content, available both as bonuses and stand-alone.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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