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World of Warcraft: Hour of Twilight patch goes live with new video

Blizzard has released Cataclysm patch 4.3, Hour of Twilight, along with a video and notes. The update throws Azeroth's intrepid adventurers against Deathwing in a final showdown.

The story behind the patch has Thrall and the noble Aspects asking both Horde and Alliance for help retrieving a long extinct artifact known as the Dragon Soul. In order to find the artifact's point of origin, players will journey through Azeroth's End Time to the War of the Ancients. There, Deathwing awaits.

The content includes a new raid and dungeons, along with a new tier of armor sets, Transmogrification for cosmetic armor and weapon customization. You'll also get a new Rogue quest line, Fangs of the Father, which contains two new Legendary daggers.

The patch introduces Void Storage and the new Raid Finder.

Full patch notes for the game can be found through Battlenet, and through the WoW-wiki (via Eurogamer).

There's a release video below. You can also watch a 10-minute video Blizzard released for Hour of Twilight through here, which hit last week when the game turned seven years old.

WoW's next, big expansion, Mists of Pandaria, has yet to be dated.

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