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World of Warcraft video showcases Hour of Twilight's new dungeons, Deathwing raid

Blizzard has released a 10-minute video for Hour of Twilight, patch 4.3 for Cataclysm, which contains three new five-person dungeons and the Deathwing raid, Dragon Soul.

Patch 4.3 will also contain Raid Finder the ability to customize the appearance of your weapons and armor, 80 extra slots of long-term storage space, the new rogue quest line Fangs of the Father, and a redesigned Darkmoon Faire complete with all-new games and rewards.

Also, to get you prepared for Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard has released a talent calculator for the new system coming with the expansion. It will allow players to check out the new class talents still under development. Mind you, these could change before release, but at least you'll get a bit of an idea of the changes and additions.

World of Warcraft turns seven today, and in celebration, Blizzard will be handing out a Feat of Strength along with a gift that contains fireworks, and temporarily grants a special tabard along with a 7% experience point and reputation bonus when used.

Have a look back at the history of the game over on Gamasutra.

Video courtesy of GameFront.

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