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Check out the 10-year anniversary gift Blizzard's handing out to veteran WoW players

Although Blizzard hasn't officially announced what it is handing out to veteran World of Warcraft players, some WoW players have reported receiving a really badass Orc statue in the mail.

An official email for qualifying recipients, those who have been subscribed to the game since launch, hasn't been sent out, but according to various posts on the matter, those who are "MyChoice" program members through the US Postal Service have received a notification.

MMO Champion noted earlier this week that Blizzard announced a gift was being sent out, but it appears the official blurb may have gone out too early as it has been pulled. Here's what the notice stated:

Tenth Anniversary Physical Gift

As a way of thanking our loyal World of Warcraft players, we will send a physical gift to players who have been playing with us since the beginning. Players who are eligible have received an email at the address listed on their accounts. If you did not receive that email, your account is not eligible for this gift.

These gifts were sent to physical addresses of eligible registered accounts. To be eligible for this gift, a player must have created a World of Warcraft account within 60 days of the game's release in America or Europe.

Eligible players in America have received tracking information for the shipment of the gift. Eligible players in Europe will receive tracking information when your gifts are sent throughout the month. If the shipping address in the email is incorrect, you will need to contact us with the updated address.

According to PCgamesN, the metal statue of an Orc riding a wolf weighs seven pounds and is a replica of the life size statue situated in front of the Blizzard offices.

One WoW player, Smitti, has posted a picture of the statue and its base.

World of Warcraft was released in Australia and North America on November 23, 2004 and in Europe on February 11, 2005. The game was released six years later in Brazil on December 6, 2011.

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