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Windows 9 “Threshold” to be announced during BUILD 2014 in April – rumor

Good news for those who loathe Windows 8: Microsoft is rumored to be making an announcement regarding Windows 9 during BUILD 2014 in April.

According to SuperSite for Windows, which specializes in posting everything public and secret regarding Microsoft products, the Windows-maker plans on releasing the new operating system in April 2015.

Currently being worked on under the moniker "Threshold", the pre-alpha build of the OS will be made available to developers after BUILD 2014, and will consist of three milestone releases before it's sent to manufacturing.

"Threshold" is also believed to be an update to Windows 8 following "Blue", which would bring together Windows PC, Windows Phone and Xbox One operating systems.

We'll know for sure come April, I reckon.

Thanks, Neowin.

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