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Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone to be united by Threshold - rumour

Microsoft is said to be planning a system called Threshold to bring together its currently disparate Windows PC, Windows Phone and Xbox One operating systems.

ZDNet cites multiple anonymous sources and an internal Microsoft email from EVP Terry Myerson for the codenamed project.

According to the whisperers, Threshold is an endeavour by Microsoft's new unified operating-system engineering group, which will issue updates to Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone making their Windows NT-based operating systems more similar. The end result will be a single app store for all three platforms, and more universal developer tools.

More interestingly, the sources say Threshold will also allow Microsoft to deliver the same set of "high value activities" across all three platforms. ZDNet identified four core areas and suggested likely apps - expression/documents (Office, Remix); decision making/task completion (Bing); IT management (Intune and Workplace Join) and "serious fun", whatever that means.

The project is named after the planet in the first Halo game; Microsoft's Siri rival Cortana was also codenamed for the Halo character.

Microsoft responded to ZDNet's queries by stating that it does not comment on rumours and speculation.

Thanks, GamesIndustry.

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