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Wildstar pulled from retail shelves ahead of F2P transition - rumour

Wildstar is said to be bidding a quiet goodbye to retailers.


Wildstar launched less than a year ago, but looks likely to go free-to-play any day now.

According to an anonymous EB Games employee speaking to, both EB Games and JB HiFi began quietly taking the MMORPG off shelves a few weeks ago.

This may simply be a stock buyback, but you may remember that the same thing happened to The Elder Scrolls Online in January: Australian retailers send their stock back, everyone said it didn't mean anything, but then shortly thereafter The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Unlimited was announced.

At present, publisher NCSoft is still offering Wildstar for sale online, but if I were you I'd hold off a week or two and see what happens.

Wildstar already supports options for those not willing to pony up its monthly subscription fee - you can buy play-time with in-game currency. A similar system is in place in EVE Online, and was recently introduced to World of Warcraft.

Many MMOs enjoy greater financial success after transitioning to free-to-play, by the way.

Update: EB Games has told MCV Pacific that the recall is part of "normal stock movement". Which, I remind you, is precisely what it said about The Elder Scrolls Online.

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