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Tempt yourself with free-to-play Wildstar's excellent new trailer

Wildstar may not have been the WoW-killer every MMORPG developer seems to firmly believe they are making, but it's well worth a look - especially at zero dollars.

Wildstar went fully free-to-play today so it's a great time to dive in and check it out.

Before you do, though, can we talk about how excellent this new trailer is? It starts by setting the scene - a frontier planet - and introducing a generic player character. Then we get a bunch of nods to typical MMORPG gameplay, while piquing our interest in the game's unique races, classes and equipment.

Fighting mobs, meeting bosses in dungeons, collecting mounts - even PvP gets a look in. By the end of the trailer our group of heroes have collected a bunch of awesome stuff and are ready for the even bigger challenges of endgame. It's super communicative, and the music is rad. Ten points.

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