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Guild Wars 2 publisher lays off customer service team, outsources to third party

Guild Wars 2, and Wildstar publisher NCSoft has let its customer service team go, outsourcing support to a third party.


"As the final phase of a restructuring process announced last October, NCsoft West is transitioning its first level customer support services to an external provider. This change will better enable the company to provide scalable customer support across new business segments and its current portfolio of popular games," NCSoft said said in a statement provided to Polygon.

The site was told by an unnamed employee that 16 staff had been laid off from the Austin office.

"Unfortunately, as result of this migration, a small number of customer support positions have been impacted. Today’s change should have no impact to former, current or future customers and is intended to enable NCsoft West to more easily scale its future support organization for new products on new platforms," the publisher continued.

"The decision to reduce staff is never an easy one, and NCsoft West will be working closely with those impacted and providing ongoing support. We sincerely wish everyone impacted well in their future endeavors."

We do too, of course.

Thanks, GamesIndustry.

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