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WildStar developer diary delves into the MMO's Guild system

WildStar developer Carbine Studios has posted detailed information pertaining to Guilds and the benefits which come with being in one over on the MMO's official website.

According to the entry, Carbine wanted to do something with Guilds that was "at once both completely familiar to MMO players, but still brought with it a unique twit."

Like most MMOs, upon the creation of a Guild, members will be able to access the usual perks such as: vaults with permission sets and re-namable tabs; customization pertaining to ranks and full permission sets; optional taxes such as 5% of loot being contributed to the greater good, and more.

One of the benefits outline was Holomarks: defining visual elements which display one's guild allegiance. In other games, this might be a tabard or emblem, but in WildStar, guilds can create a holographic emblem which is projected in the air above or around the character.

The various elements of the logo can be set using 65 inner and outer designs, all of which will be made available at launch. Each player will then be able to decide where they wish to display the emblem on their character.

In WildStar, the developers want guild members to play together, so it's "doing everything it can" to incentivize such camaraderie through a guild currency known as Influence.

Guilds will earn Influence through playing with guildmates by grouping up to quest, run dungeons, participate in raids, do a little PvP, etc. The more guild members there are in a group, the faster Influence is earned which can then be spent on guild perks.

These purchasable perks entail everything from addition bank slots to guild-wide buffs and consumables.

Obviously, there's more information on guilds and the various perks to being in one over on the WildStar website. You should really give it a read.

The MMORPG is expected in the first half of 2014 and will be supported by subscriptions. Players will also earn time in-game similar to EVE Online.

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