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What do these spooky noises mean for Ghost Recon: Wildlands' next "yeti" hunt?

Or perhaps it's more of a witch hunt?

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Perhaps the most intriguing detail of Ghost Recon: Wildlands' latest update was a bizarre entry in the patch notes: An unusual noise was heard near a ruined hut…". Well ladies and gentlemen, this hut has been fount. The yeti hunt is on.

Or is it actually a witch hunt?

This clue arrives courtesy of BenjoRippin, who created the YouTube video above. It seems the notorious hut is located at Latitude 19.6072, Longitude 59.5844 on the game map. If you enter this hut, you will definitely hear some ghostly howling noises. But the answer might be more supernatural than expected - in the center of the hut is a pile of rocks and a pig's head on a stake.

BenjoRippin also noted a new (and gross) interaction point on the map: A dried llama fetus. (You can find it at Lat 19.5980, Long 59.6495.) Using the llama fetus eventually starts up a dialogue element suggesting the player learn about "local culture". This clue seemingly points to the Kingslayer files, where notes of the Witches' Market suggests such offerings are typically buried.... under the house.

This is as far as BenjoRippin managed to get, but it's a promising first clue. Can you find the next one?

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