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Ghost Recon Wildlands gets Future Soldier-inspired mission, new PvP maps and classes, more

Today marks the launch of Special Operation 3 for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

As with all big content drops for Ghost Recon Wildlands, Special Operation 3 brings new PvE/PvP content, new cosmetic items, and of course a new mission for all to play.

This time, the mission - called Silent Spade - is inspired by Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Commander Scott Mitchell, whom Future Soldier players will be very familiar with, is asking Wildlands' protagonist Nomad to help a new rookie investigate a possible plot linking the Santa Blanca cartel to a nuclear threat.

Anyone who completes the mission will receive a prototype version of Future Soldier's Optical Camo, which Ubisoft says boosts stealth stats. The new PvE content also includes new challenges, which reward weapons such as the Honey Badger SMG, the ACS-12 Shotgun as well as cosmetics when completed.

Those with an artistic flair will be happy to know that today's update adds photo mode to the game, after many requests.

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Ubisoft is also using the launch of this operation to to kick off a friend referral program. Available only on PC (Uplay/Steam), the program will reward players who can get their friends to buy Wildlands with free crates. This promo will be available for two months.

On the PvP end, Special Operation 3 brings two new classes to Ghost War, and two new maps. It also introduces the new PvP Events, which add special modifiers to playlists and only last for a couple of days.

The Prestige Economy is too getting revamped with this patch. Ubisoft is making it more rewarding by upping the odds for Legendary, and Epic item drops, increasing rewards for duplicates, and boosting rewards overall for completing Prestige challenges.

The update is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It's a hefty 18.1GB download on Uplay, PS4, Xbox One - and 5.8GB on Steam. Catch all the patch notes at the official blog.

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