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Weekly MMO news round-up: CCP files a trademark, Guild Wars class updates, more


Loads of stuff as usual going on this week with MMOs.

CCP has files a trademark fro Dust 514, which strangely enough resembles the EvE Logo, Warhammer's latest patch is up on the test server, Guild Wars had some more class tweaks, and the summer festivities have been extended for Lord of the Rings Online.

Load of stuff, really. Read on past the break for more.

  • Version 1.3.1 of Warhammer Online is up on the public test server. The new patch tweaks City Invasion gameplay, upgrades to Keeps include the addition of a second ramp up to the keep lord, group summoning stones, performance improvements, and loads more. Patch notes here.
  • Realm vs. Realm combat is being integrated on Neo Steam and players will be able to fight on foot and in siege engines. While this sounds fun, note that it's actually timed combat, and players can only indulge in RvR once per weekend with dungeons opening and closing in two hour intervals and are only during evenings.
  • Design a horse contest is over for Lord of the Rings Online, and while we are bummed we are not good enough with Photoshop to have created and entry, we can instead focus our disappointment on more constructive things-like the summer festival. Afraid you might miss out on Hobbit food races or Dwarven drinking races? Fret not fellow enemy of Sauron. Turbine has extended the festival until August 31. You should have plenty of time to garner enough tokens to get the strange toad and kissy-poo potions from Hobbiton, not mention the cool cloak and hat. Get to playing and remember, you fish for a reason, ok?
  • The August update for Guild Wars is live, and here are some of the changes you can expect: Assassins' area-of-effect damage options increased; Dervishes had their survivability improved; Air Magic for Elementalists is now more useful for PvE, while Earth Magic now had more offense options for PvP; Rangers pets were given PvE improvements. Hit the link for more details.
  • Nexon has introduced two new flying mounts to Mabinogi. One is an Eagle which is rather fast, while the second is a slower Pelican - but it's a two-seater. The flying mounts can be used to scout or travel the new Africa themed zone Courcle.
  • A recent trademark filing from CCP Games for DUST 514 is described as providing 'entertainment services' and an 'on-line computer game'. "The mark consists of a masked face with white sunken eyes and a round opening at the mouth. There are two parallel thick lines on either side of the jaw of the face which are a parallel to a third line which runs across the bottom of the face and dips into a V at the center." Looks a lot like EVE if you ask us. More over on Massively.
  • CrimeCraft preorder deals have surfaced. Launching on August 25, Vogster Entertainment has provided a list of digital download sites that will offer special preorder and launch bonuses. Get these via the CrimeCraft website, Direct2Drive, Steam, and Best Buy' Digital. The full list of deals are included in a press release here.
  • Runes of Magic is getting an update this month with the Weeping Coast zone, which contains over 200 new quests, and a raised level cap of 52. This is to prepare folks for the September release of Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy. To get you psyched for this, Frogster has releases loads of new screens, and they are rather pretty. Go have a look.
  • The Final Fantasy XIV website has received a major update and now contains loads of information regarding jobs, races, storyline, and new features coming to the game. You should check it out just in case you missed it on the front page yesterday.
  • League of Legends is down for a September release, and Riot Games has expanded the pool of Beta testers.If you missed out on this before, now is your chance to get in on the testing. Get more info here.
  • In Fallen Earth, characters advance in rank and abilities regardless of their class or faction, and for each rank a character gains, players earn 2 AP (20 AP per level). Some APs can also be gained by completing missions, and all APs are spent however the player desires. That is just the way the character were built, and if Fallen Earth interests you, and it should because it's different, a dev diary has been posted over on Massively explaining all of this.
  • Paragon Studios has shown off some of the power customization coming in the Issue 16: Power Spectrum update for City of Heroes via some screenshots. Kotaku has 'em. Looks like every player will get one free Tailoring session per costume slot when the update is released.
  • A new developer diary for Earthrise has been posted over on MMORPG. This week, the focus is on the small settlement known as "The Arboretum", which was founded by a faction of settlers calling themselves "Nathura". The area houses a nature-venerating society "consisting primarily of scientists who refused to take sides in the ongoing conflict between Continoma and Noir; instead they chose to focus their knowledge and resources on the betterment of the last piece of inhabitable earth." Neato.
  • NHN has announced closed Beta sign-ups for Europeans itching for its fantasy game Karos Online. Due to start this month, those who want to participate in the Beta can visit the official website and sign-up.

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