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Watch Dogs: Legion - How to Fast Travel around London

There are different ways of getting around London in Watch Dogs: Legion, but which way is the fastest?

Many of the missions in Watch Dogs: Legion will have you running from one Borough to another and there are several different ways of getting to your chosen destination. You can walk or run there if you want to take in the sights, find new operatives to recruit or take some selfies at a protest, but if that seems too much like hard work, you can use a faster means of transport.

In this guide, we'll be looking at all the different vehicles you can use to get around London, including how to use Fast Travel points. You can read our review of Watch Dogs: Legion here.

Watch Dogs: Legion - How to use different vehicles

There are all manner of vehicles in the street you can take or steal, from cars to super-fast bikes and even some double-decker buses. You could also hijack a cargo drone and fly your way across the city if walking seems like too much trouble, or even take a taxi.

There are several boats you can hijack, too, if you fancy something different, or you could just swim to your next location if it's nearby.

A word of warning about the bikes: they travel at very high speeds and if you hit a bollard, wall or person at a certain angle, you'll be yeeted into the sea. You might even die, if you have permadeath on, so try to be careful.

To use a vehicle, walk up to it and interact with it when prompted. To fly on a cargo drone, hijack it and lower it to ground level before climbing on and hijacking it again to fly away.

Watch Dogs: Legion - How to fast travel

Much like in real life, the fastest way to get around London is to use the Underground system. Not all Underground stations are available right away and some mission locations end up being quite remote, so it's likely you'll need to use a combination of fast travel and a vehicle to get around.

To use the Underground, bring up the map and look for the Underground icon, which is the circle with a line through it for the uninitiated. Interact with the station to travel there immediately, or as fast as your loading screen can go. There are one or two fictional stations added to the route, but you'll see common names like Victoria, Picadilly Circus and Waterloo to name a few.

If you're just getting started with Watch Dogs: Legion, you can check out our Operative Recruitment guide here, as well as our guides on how to make a Borough Defiant, where to find Tech Points, how to unlock Stormzy’s Fall on My Enemies mission and where to find your pre-order bonuses.

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