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Warning: new No Man's Sky trailer too exciting, may cause feelings

No Man's Sky welcomes you to (practically) infinite worlds.


No Man's Sky has suddenly produced a new trailer. We were a little surprised by its appearance, given that it did not accompany a release date or any other news, and you'd think gamescom would be the obvious occasion to pop out a new promotional video.

Maybe Sony and Hello Games are working to combat the pervasive "but what do you do" comments that accompany every demonstration of No Man's Sky, even as the two companies show off exactly what you do. You go to space. You look at things nobody else has ever seen before, or maybe ever will again. You harvest resources, get chased by eco-guardian robots and fire lasers at ships.

These are all things I want to do. Yes please.

Watch on YouTube

No Man's Sky is coming to PC and PS4, but has not been dated. We know Hello games had hoped to give us a date at E3 2015, though, so stay tuned to gamescom, Tokyo Games Show, Eurogamer Expo and Paris Games Week.

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