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Walking Dead writer: 'TellTale very invested in story'

The Walking Dead developer TellTale has shown it has the chops to tell great stories over the years, and writer Gary Whitta has shed light on his time with the team and backed up the studio's dedication to a strong narrative.

Speaking with GameInformer, Whitta said, "Most of my writing experiences so far have been on the film side, which is often a very solitary experience. But on The Walking Dead it was almost more like working on a TV show.

"We do have a writers’ room. And you’re kind of conceiving the project collaboratively in a room with a lot of different people who all have ideas. And I love working in that kind of environment. It reminds me a little bit of when I used to edit video game magazines. And when I transitioned from that into working in film, I realized just how much I relied on having other people around me for my own creativity.

"Suddenly you’re sitting in a room on your own, pacing up and down, trying to have an idea and you miss those other creative voices around you. The great thing about working the guys at Telltale is there’s nothing but creative voices. They’re all incredibly talented guys very, very invested in story. They all just want to tell the best story possible. Sometimes I wondered if they even really needed me because they’re very, very smart."

What would you say? Does The Walking Dead succeed in telling a solid story? Let us know below.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC has appeared on the Steam registry for PC and Mac. Check out the details here.

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