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Volition: We struggled with PS3 Red Faction

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Volition reckons it needed extra help to get the PS3 version of Red Faction: Guerilla up to muster with the 360 version.

"I mean, to be honest, we are pushing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 to the limits," associate producer Sean Kennedy told OXM.

"I mean, not only has it been a balancing act making destruction work with the gameplay and making it all come together in a cohesive way that's fun but it's been a balancing act getting the game to run on the systems.

"One little change and you're out of memory. When it comes to PlayStation3, there's less memory to work with. We actually ended up hiring some from Sony to help us make our PS3 version. Fortunately, they are the same. We've been able to make sure that PC, 360 and PS3 versions are the same."

So there we are. The game's out early next year.

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