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Red Faction, Red Faction 2 rated for PS4

Are we about to see re-releases of the early Red Faction PS2 games on PS4?

red faction ii

Red Faction and Red Faction 2 have been rated in the US and Europe, for PS4. Red Faction was only recently awarded a Mature rating by the ESRB, after having received a rating in October by PEGI.

As for Red Faction 2, it too has been rated for PS4 by PEGI, but not yet by the ESRB. As spotted by DualShockers, all ratings belong to THQ Nordic, the publisher formerly known as Nordic. Nordic acquired the rights to the Red Faction series from the now defunct THQ.

It's unlikely the re-releases are remasters of some kind. What's more likely to be the case is that both games will show up on the PlayStation Store, playable on PS4.

A few games have already seen releases through this PS2-on-PS4 scheme, and they're usually touched up slightly before becoming available. We could be looking at a Red Faction bundle, given that both popped up on rating board websites close to each other.

THQ Nordic has yet to make any official announcements, however.

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