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Vlambeer co-founder's backpack stolen during Sony E3 mixer

Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail had his backpack stolen during Sony's E3 mixer at the Figueroa hotel Wednesday night. According to Ismail, the backpack contained an Asus laptop, two iPads, two Vitas, a Kindle, European-US outlet converters, and "enough power cables to power E3," he told Joystiq.

According to Ismail, he left his bag near his table for a few minutes and when he returned it someone had taken it. A police report has been filed but there are no leads at present.

Hopefully the hotel has cameras pointed at its doors.

Authorities said E3 and the events which take place during the conference are a "hotbed for burglaries."

"It's pretty much my entire company in that backpack," Ismail told Joystiq.

“Basically everything Vlambeer is in the bag," he further told Polygon. "So it kind of feels like Vlambeer got stolen. We have good backups. We take good care of everything, We’ve got decent backups to continue working. It’s just a giant pain.”

Vlambeer is a Dutch studio currently working on the multiplatform title Luftrausers, and also brought the world Super Crate Box , Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and Ridiculous Fishing.

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