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Super Crate Box headed to Ouya, Luftrausers nearly done

Vlambeer has confirmed its popular platformer Super Crate Box is headed to Android-based micro-console, Ouya.

The developer outed the new version of Super Crate Box in a new blog post, also noting that the iOS version is being updated.

The developer is attending both E3 and Rezzed and has been preparing demos to show - notably of Luftrausers, its PlayStation 3 and Vita title, which is in certification at Sony and as such shouldn't be too far from release.

The post also confirmed that Vlambeer is already busy with its next project. So hardworking, so prolific.

Vlambeer is a two-man team from the Netherlands, responsible for the simply marvellous Ridiculous Fishing. It generously offers free games on a regular basis, and also made the greatest game in the world.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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