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VG247's Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat #1 - Mario Golf, Chivalry 2, Scarlet Nexus, and Pokemon Cards

As we move forward with VG247 and look ahead to a site redesign, we plan to roll out a lovely podcast that you can listen to on a weekly basis, full of friendly chat about the latest games. You'll get to know us all so well that when we inevitably all start our own Patreons we'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Alex can buy all the arcade machines he wants, Dorrani can buy more trainers, and I can finally buy an OLED TV.

But, this is not that podcast. This is myself, Alex, and Dorrani talking about what we've been playing and a few hot topics of the moment in the games industry.

Listen for thoughts on Mario Golf: Super Rush, Chivalry 2, Scarlet Nexus, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and a whole lot more. Who saved Alex from selling all his old games? Does he also have a stash of high-value Pokemon cards? And does anyone remember a cartoon Tom loved but no one else seems to have been alive at the time to see?

We're experimenting a bit with the format, but what do you think? Would you like this in audio form every week? Do you have any suggestions for the podcast's name? Let us know in the comments.

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