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Vampyr is an RPG in the works at Dontnod Entertainment

Dontnod Entertainment's first episode of Life is Strange arrives soon, and it's not the only title the developer has on the docket.

Per a tweet from PR firm Dead Good Games, the game is an RPG called Vampyr and it will be published by Focus Home Interactive.

TSA has more information on the game, and according to the report, the highlighted "Y" in the title pertains to choices a player will have to make in the game. These choices won't be black and white, but will contains a few grey areas.

It stars a doctor facing a moral conundrum: his vampire side wants to kill; his doctor side wants to heal. TSA says the game's tagline is: "Take blood. Save a life."

According to Game Watcher which is at the game event, the doctor is in the process of dealing with the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak just after World War 1 in Europe. He gets bitten and must deal with the issue.

This may sound slightly familiar to Twilight aficionados: Edward, the "hero" of the books and film was dying of the Spanish Flu in 1918 when his future father Carlisle - a doctor - saved his life by giving him immortality.

Not that the game is based on Twilight or anything, or that Dontnod ripped it off, it's just something I remembered is all.

A release date and platforms as well as other details are unknown at present.

Episode One of Life Is Strange releases on January 30.

Thanks, MCV.

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