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Valve releases updated Steam Deck trailer due to original featuring a Nintendo Switch emulator icon

Yuzu no longer in sight.

Valve has released an updated video for Steam Deck after the company realized the original trailer featured an icon for the Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu.

The company released the new Steam Deck trailer earlier this week to promote the fact you no longer needed a reservation to order one.

Updated Steam Deck Video

Spotted by eagle-eyed Nibellion (thanks, PC Gamer), you can clearly see the icon for the emulator on the Steam Deck screen in the video. Nibel's tweet was eventually seen by Valve, and the company quickly set the video to private and issued a new trailer.

As PC Gamer points out, Yuzu is legal, open-source software, so it's not something that would get you into hot water for using. However, Nintendo is not a proponent of emulators and has even issued DMCA takedowns of videos showing Switch games running on Steam Deck.

Valve likely didn't want to upset Nintendo, so it pulled the video from public view and issued another one.

Steam Deck is now available to order without reservations, and the wait time is anywhere from one to two weeks.

If you are interested in purchasing one, the 64GB model will run you $399/£349, the 256GB offering costs $529/£459, and it will set you back $649/£569 for the 512GB model.

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