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Valve hopes to keep TF2 console content free

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Here. We already knew that the recent TF2 PC maps were going to come to the console versions, but it's nice to know that - all being well - no one will be charged for them.

"Oh, for free, definitely, as much as we can," said Valve's Doug Lombardi when asked whether or not there'd be a charge for the content. "You know, we don't have full say over that, but we have some say over how that works.

"So, for us, for free is the way to go. The gamers play the game, they want to keep playing the game, so we've collected their fifty bucks at the start, and once they're in the park, they can ride any ride they want in the park. So, for us that's been the philosophy."

There's still no date on when consoles will receive the updates, the latest of which was the Badlands map.

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