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UT3 Black gets another free Steam weekend


Epic's announced another free-play weekend for Unreal Tournament 3 Black. That's right: you can download it from Steam and play all weekend for no cost whatsoever.

You can pre-load as of today.

In addition, the original UT will be on sale for $1.99, and both Unreal Tournament 3 Black and the Unreal Deal Pack will be available for 60 percent off through September 27.

Get the full PR after the break. There's stuff in there about new mods as well.

Unreal Tournament 3 Black Gets Free Steam Weekend, New Mods

Tomorrow Marks 10-Year Anniversary of Unreal Tournament Demo

CARY, N.C. – September 16, 2009 – Epic Games, Inc. invites everyone to check out Unreal Tournament 3 Black, the premier first-person shooter with more official content and community mods than ever before, completely free of charge starting tomorrow.

Thursday, September 17, marks the 10-year anniversary of the original Unreal Tournament demo release, and to celebrate Epic will kick off a long weekend in which anyone can log onto Valve’s Steam digital distribution service (, download Unreal Tournament 3 Black and play the game through the weekend free of charge. Preload for the Free Weekend begins today.
In addition, the original Unreal Tournament will be on sale for $1.99, and both Unreal Tournament 3 Black and the Unreal Deal Pack will be available for 60% off through September 27.

Unreal Tournament 3 Black comprises Unreal Tournament 3 together with the free Titan Pack, a massive bonus pack with countless enhancements and new environments, the Titan mutator, the Greed and Betrayal gametypes, the Stealthbender vehicle, weapons, deployables, characters and more. Unreal Tournament 3 Black also includes over 50 Steamworks Achievements.

Players who purchased Unreal Tournament 3 at retail can enter their retail key by using the "Activate a product on Steam" feature in the Steam client, and Steam will automatically update them to Unreal Tournament 3 Black for free.

In addition to Epic’s internal efforts to support Unreal Tournament 3, hundreds of mod authors have created new levels, characters, weapons, vehicles and total conversions for the game as part of the $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest ( Phase 4 submissions are being judged now, and notable entries include:
∙ The Haunted (
∙ Prometheus (
∙ The Ball (
∙ Angels Fall First: Planetstorm (
∙ Sanctum (
∙ UT2D Killing Time (
∙ Steam Racers (

Much more is available at and

To download Unreal Tournament 3 Black, visit

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