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USgamer Streams Dead Cells at [Done!]

Mike explores the dead and becomes the dying in this new indie Metroidvania

This article first appeared on USgamer, a partner publication of VG247. Some content, such as this article, has been migrated to VG247 for posterity after USgamer's closure - but it has not been edited or further vetted by the VG247 team.

If your memory is real good, you might've remembered me talking about Dead Cells, from indie developer Motion Twin. Dead Cells is a game that wants you to die again and again, forcing your souls into a new corpse and pushing forward. But unlike some titles, death might just be your best way to accomplish something.

Watch on YouTube

"Every time you die in Dead Cells, the pile of glowing green mess that is you crawls into a new body at the beginning. From there, you're ushered into a hall full of hanging glass jars. These jars show your progress in Dead Cells; all of the weapons and equipment that you've unlocked, lending you a certain degree of persistence," I wrote in my earlier preview.

If you'd like to watch, you can join me here or on our YouTube channel where all the action will be happening. Warning: Everything may utterly break and never work again. We'll see.

Thanks to some changes, we'll also be streaming games on a regular basis again. Some new titles, some old. Some major games and a few of the digital gems you might otherwise miss. And I'll be your host through the whole thing!

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