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Uplay Plus launches today, though not without problems

Uplay Plus has technically went live worldwide, though not without stumbling out of the gate.

As promised, Ubisoft's Uplay Plus subscription service has launched on PC earlier today. Although the service is officially available, not everyone is seemingly able to make use of its benefits.

For starters, Uplay Plus links on official Ubisoft channels are dead for many, redirecting to a 404 page. Ubisoft says this is the result of increased load, which is also causing subscription attempts from players to fail.

As it stands, Ubisoft support teams are currently investigating. There does appear to be another major issue, however.

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When the service was first announced, Ubisoft invited everyone to sign up for free so they can secure access come September 3. Now, some are reporting getting charged for the first month, when the charge should occur in October, assuming you don't cancel.

That said, the Uplay Plus support page does confirm the system automatically checks whether the payment method is valid by making a small authorisation, which isn't actually a charge even if it appears that way initially.

This was a bit surprising, since may assumed the free trial would kick off without the need for a payment method. Unfortunately, because the site is not working as intended at the moment, it's adding to the confusion.

We'll update you as things change.

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