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Uncharted 4 conversations and how to get the Gift of Gab trophy

There's just so much to say!

Nathan Drake is on the PS5 at last, and while Uncharted 4 conversations might seem like a tedious way to spend your time, you need to track them all down if you want the game's platinum trophy.

And there's a lot of them. We've compiled a list of every optional conversation in Uncharted 4 and where to find them, so you don't have to worry about missing one and ruining the whole playthrough.


Uncharted 4 Gift of Gab Trophy guide – How to have every conversation

One major new addition to Uncharted 4 is the ability for the player to engage in entirely optional little bits of narrative by participating in conversations with their partners and allies mid-level. These conversations also act as something of a collectable – they’re not all obvious to trigger, and ultimately lead to a trophy, ‘Gift of the Gab’.

In this guide we’ll take you through, chapter by chapter, explaining where every conversation is so you don’t miss any. We’ll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, but keep in mind we’ll be mentioning what characters are in what chapters as a matter of necessity, so there may be slight spoilers in that regard – if that bugs you, turn back! You’ve been warned.

Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

These chapters are straightforward story affairs, and don’t contain any conversations. Don't worry, you haven't missed anything – so just enjoy the ride!

Chapter 3 – The Malaysia Job

‘My Man’, Salvage Worker

convo1 (Copy)

Head up the stairs right in front of you when you arrive on the ship and this guy will yell out ‘My man!’ Go over and talk with him.

Insulting a different Salvage Worker’s Mother

convo2 (Copy)

Head back down the stairs from the first conversation to the loot you just helped salvage. Smack talk with this guy and insult his mother. That’s it for this chapter!

Chapter 4, 5

These chapters are linear story-only affairs, so you're not missing any conversations.

Chapter 6 – Once a Thief...

The Things You Miss

convo3 (Copy)

Right after you encounter the guards for the first time while hanging from a ledge, Sam will begin to reminisce about his time in prison. Immediately afterwards you’ll be able to trigger a little conversation with him.

Nate’s Other Adventures

After rappelling down from a window with the grappling hook, Nate and Sam walk through some stone arches. While working through these, Sam will ask Nate about his other adventures. Quickly speak to him before the window passes to reply.

Exit Strategy

convo4 (Copy)

After the cutscene where you meet up with Sully, push past the people in front of you then hook a sharp right onto the balcony. Out there, Sam will be fretting about the escape plan, and Nate will reassure him... sort of.

Chapter 8 - The Grave of Henry Avery

Avery’s Obsessions


After examining the three cross display in the crypt, Sam will make an off-the-cuff mark you can then respond to as soon as you’ve made your journal note. If you walk away, you’ll miss this.

Examining the Wall

As soon as you’ve completed the puzzle in the same room as the previous scene, Sam will run up to the newly lit up door. An icon will appear above his head; talk to him. If you rush to the door first, or take too long, you’ll miss this interaction.

Chapter 9 – Those Who Prove Worthy

The Crazy View


When you exit the puzzle room with the three crosses, turn left. Sam will follow and you’ll walk to a ledge that leads nowhere. Doing this will trigger some dialogue as the pair admire the view, and then another conversation trigger you can hit right after.

Chapter 10 – The Twelve Towers

There’s a lot of talking in this chapter, but it’s all done in the car and all automatically. There’s nothing to miss here!

Chapter 11 – Hidden in Plain Sight

Buying a Dog

convo9 (Copy)

This conversation will be triggered with Sully if you check out the Lemur (I think); he’ll say something and pop a prompt on the staircase to the tower. Talk to him, and that’s another one down.

Chapter 12 – At Sea


When you beat Sam to it by finding a way up before he can push a box down for you, he’ll dash ahead when you get out to a ledge. There’s a grapple point here, but ignore it – instead walk to the end of the ledge, a dead end. Sam will join you out here and remark on the view; then you can talk to him. If you use the grapple point right away, this interaction will be lost, so be careful!

Colony Plans

convo-11 (Copy)

When you arrive in the area where there’s a lot of evidence of the pirates planning the founding of their colony, look around a lot. There’s seven interactive items in all – three wall murals, two sets of blueprints (or… brownprints), a golden statue, a diorama and a table full of tools, spread across two rooms. When you’ve interacted with them all, Sam will say something that you can respond to in order to trigger a conversation. Miss one item and you’ll miss this conversation, so be careful.

Chapter 13 - Marooned

Poor old Nathan is on his own on this one, so for once there’s nobody to talk to. There’s plenty of treasures, though, so if you’re collecting those check out our treasure guide.

Chapter 14 – Join Me in Paradise

Drake’s Discovery

convo12 (Copy)

When you first start this chapter, you’ll drop down from one ledge into the ruined town area proper. Hang around after dropping down and Sam will muse on the find; chat to him when the option appears.

Trading Thoughts

convo13 (Copy)

Inside the blacksmith shop in the town there’s a cutlass you can pick up. Do so, examine it, then indulge Sam in conversation when he muses on if this colony traded with others afterwards.

Pub Talk

convo14 (Copy)

This one is a bit different; rather than triggering on your companion, it triggers on an item. Head to the second floor of the pub building; there’s a pair of chairs up here. Activate the conversation tag on them to sit down and have a more extended chat about things with Sam in a nice little scene.

Horses for Courses

convo15 (Copy)

Inside the stables you’ll find the skeleton of a long-dead horse that Nate can examine. After he does, Sam will muse about what happened and again you can indulge him with a quick chat afterwards. Do so!

In need of a Camera

convo16 (Copy)

If you hang around outside the jail by the statue of Avery for a few moments, Sam will excitedly go and put himself in the stocks outside the jail. When he’s there, you can talk to him to discuss how it’s a shame that the pair of you aren’t carrying a camera.

Fancy Pants

convo17 (Copy)

When you arrive at the nasty scene with the bodies and the barricades, Sam will go and check out a body. He’ll remark about how it’s dressed, and a conversation trigger will pop. If you venture too far too soon this’ll disappear, so be sure to speak to him fast.

Chapter 15: The Thieves of Libertalia

What Happened?

convo18 (Copy)

At the back of the room where you start there’s the skeleton of a guard, still wearing armour, who has been cruelly impaled. Approach and examine him to trigger a remark off Sam which in turn triggers an optional conversation prompt. This is easily missable, as if the next (mandatory) conversation is triggered first, any chance to see this one is lost.

Libertalia Money

convo19 (Copy)

Sam will call you over, and this conversation is actually compulsory to continue the story. So, er, you can’t miss it. Even though it counts towards this ‘optional conversation’ trophy.

Chapter 16: The Brothers Drake

Reminders of the Past

convo20 (Copy)

Inside the house, when you exit the attic look for a door that you can optionally open on the left. This will lead to what is obviously a kid’s bedroom. In here, examine the letter on the desk. Sam will call out to Nate; respond to trigger this conversation.

Fake Authors

Once you head all the way downstairs, you’ll find another staircase. Walk past it and turn left; you’ll find yourself in a room with massive glass windows. On a table in here is a book about pirates. Pick this up; it’ll trigger some dialogue that then offers up another conversation trigger.

Selling the Book

convo22 (Copy)

After the previously mentioned conversation, Sam will immediately offer another conversation trigger – two in a row! Chat to him, then you’re done with this chapter’s chatting.

Chapter 17: For Better or Worse

Been Here Long?

convo23 (Copy)

After Elena kicks down a ladder for you, you’ll walk through a small clearing. She’ll turn to face you, and you can talk to her. Do it. For the trophy, if not for their marriage.

All Filled In

convo24 (Copy)

After you pass under a gigantic tree root, Elena will stop without saying a word, an icon above her head. Talk to her fast to find out how she got up to speed on what’s been going on since she last saw Nate.

Feats of Construction

convo25 (Copy)

After you take out the two grunts and Nate compliments Elena on her moves, head out and to the right from that area, towards the elevator you’re trying to repair. This will trigger a little conversation with Elena that can be continued.

No More Lies

convo26 (Copy)

After conversation 25, Elena will silently have another conversation trigger appear over her head. Hit it! This one is easy to miss, as there’s no verbal morning.

Stay for the Gunfights

convo27 (Copy)

Once you get into the second elevator with the car (that you have to get into with Elena to progress the story, she’ll stand and watch the scenery. Eventually she’ll remark ‘wow’, and this
triggers a conversation point. Hit it.

For Better or Worse

convo28 (Copy)

Once again, this conversation trigger comes off the back of the previous conversation, so make sure you pay attention and hit the second one – that’s it for this chapter.

More conversations to come, bookmark this page!

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