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Ubi's Outland is Prince of Persia crossed with Ikaruga


It's a fantasy platformer with Ikaruga-style colour-switching. Glad that's sorted.

IGN's posted a preview and screens of Outland, Ubisoft's PAX reveal.


Outland can best be described as a cross between retro platformers like Prince of Persia or Out of This World and the color-switching of shoot 'em up Ikaruga. You control an acrobatic fellow as he explores a lush, dense jungle. It's a 2D game but there is a great sense of depth in the background with swaying branches and colorful wildlife.

The animation for all the characters is really terrific.

There can't be anything else to add to "really terrific." And yet there is. Apparently the hero switches between light and dark forms to solve stuff, and you'll play bits where you flick between the two to avoid bullet sprays.

Large levels, "golem," blah. PSN and XBLA. No date.

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