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Turn-based adventure Echo Generation coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X in 2021

Echo Generation, a turn-based adventure game, is coming to Xbox systems in 2021.

During the Xbox Showcase pre-show, Echo Generation was announced for the consoles.

The turn-based adventure is in development at Cococucumber and will be made available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X next year.

Here's the synopsis:

School’s out for the summer when a mysterious object crashes in the cornfields of a quiet Canadian town. Soon, unexplainable incidents start happening that lead to the appearance of sinister creatures, monsters and mechs. Pack snacks, grab your hockey stick and rally some friends to uncover the source of these strange events.

Find what lurks in the shadows, from mutant rats to spooky animatronics, and challenge them in turn-based battles to level up and gain incredible new powers. Talk with townspeople to embark on new quests to unlock mystifying secrets. Power up to battle gargantuan bosses in fights blending real-time action with turn-based combat.

Inspired by classic coming-of-age films and horror novels from the 80s and 90s, Echo Generation strums nostalgic strings and spurs imagination reminiscent of youthful adventure, when summer seemed to last forever and every day brought new escapades to bravely face with friends.

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