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Treyarch outlines access to CoD5 beta

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In this FAQ on, Treyarch advised that pre-ordering Call of Duty: World at War through GameStop and signing up to the site as a community member are the only two ways you're going to be in with a chance of getting on the game's beta.

QUESTION: Who gets to be in the CoD: WW Xbox 360 Beta?
ANSWER: For U.S. consumers, read on to find out more. For our international comrades, many more countries will have access to the Beta program, so stay tuned! People interested in joining the beta in the U.S. can join one of two ways:

  1. Guarantee a spot by pre-ordering the game through GameStop or
  2. Getting first-crack at a token by heading to and signing on as a new community member. Remember, space is limited so the earlier you register, the more likely you’ll get a token.

QUESTION: If I already have an account on, should I create a new one?
ANSWER: No! See below for how the handout of tokens will work, but if you already have an account with us there is no need to sign up anywhere, you’re already in line!

QUESTION: How does token distribution work for members of
ANSWER: To reward the most dedicated CoD fans, the order of distribution on is as follows:

  1. Charlie Oscar Delta members who migrated their accounts over to
  2. members ( members will be prioritized by they date in which they joined The longer they’ve been a member, the better chance they have of getting a Beta Token.)

Glad that's sorted out. No date on when it's actually going to happen yet. More through the link.

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