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Torchlight demo and patch released, Schaefer chats about game


There's a patch available for Torchlight over on BigDowload. We're sure it's also available at whatever file site you prefer.

It's only for the version purchased directly from Runic Games, if you got it elsewhere, check with that outlet for it. Bad news about it, is that you will have to uninstall the game before you patch it, so be sure to backup your saved games in another spot before you do.

Also, due to a developmental issue, the game will still show v1.11 on the title screen although it updates Torchlight to v1.12.

Interested in hearing more about the game? Then head on over to the Columbus Dispatch were the weekly show chats a bit with Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer and the development team.

You may have heard of Schaefer before. He was previously VP at Blizzard North and a director at Blizzard before co-founding Flagship Studios. He also contributed to art design on Diablo and was the eventual project, design and environment art director on Diablo II.

Just in case you never heard of Blizzard or Flagship before.

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