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Torchlight 2 designer wants to add building tools similar to Minecraft

Torchlight 2 x Minecraft? The possibilites would be staggering we're sure, but the game's designer Max Schaefer has revealed he would like to see creation tools added to the RPG, specifically to engineer custom structures.

In an interview with Indie Game Magazine Radio Schaefer stated his opinion on the future of Torchlight 2, before stressing that this was purely opinion, and not an indication of any real plan from Runic Games.

He explained, "What I’d like to see personally is to get the building and resource aspects of Minecraft and put them into an ARPG, just so it’s a little more than just wandering from one monster to the next and hitting them.”

“Your character has permanence [in Torchlight 2], but you don’t have anything like property or anything that you’ve built right now in our game that lead to any sense of permanence. So I’d like to explore that a little bit.”

“I think everyone at our office has lots of ideas and if you talked to all thirty of us you’d get thirty different visions – which is cool. We’re a long way from exhausting the possibilities [of the ARPG genre].”

So, crafting and creation in Torchlight 2. How would that work? Would you like to see it? Share your thoughts below.

Thanks PC Gamer.

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