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Torchlight developer will show a new game at PAX Prime

Torchlight developer Runic Games is ready to reveal its new project.


"We're going to be at Pax Prime this year to show our new project," the developer confirmed on the Runic Games forums.

PAX Prime runs August 28 through 31 in Seattle. We have no clue what Runic might bring to the show. In a later reply, Runic confirmed the new project is not the mobile port of Torchlight - and we don't expect a new console port, either.

Torchlight 3 or a major Torchlight 2 expansion seem like an obvious next step. We don't know if the developer is still keen on the MMO it had planned way back before Torchlight first launched, and which was expected to launch in 2012. Or maybe the team wants to move onto something entirely new?

Runic Games was acquired by Perfect World in 2010, shortly after the Diabloesque Torchlight sold 500,000 copies. Two of Runic Games' co-founders left the company in early 2014; the pair went on to found Rebel Galaxy developer Double Damage Games.

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