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Torchlight 2 Mac port still being pursued by Runic Games

Ruinc Games has said it still plans to release the Mac version of Torchlight 2, but it has run into some "unexpected complexities" with it.

According to a statement handed to Kotaku, the company is still pursuing the Mac port, but doesn't have anything else to share on it at the moment.

"The official word as of right now is that we encountered unexpected complexities in porting Torchlight 2 to the Mac, simultaneous with our scramble to ramp up on our next project and get it moving forward," said the company.

"The Mac platform still poses some challenges for us as a company, as anyone who waited for the Mac port of Torchlight 1 can attest. As a result, while we are still pursuing it, we don't have a date or any real details to share on the Mac port of Torchlight 2 just yet.

"When we do have something to share, though, we'll do so as quickly as possible."

Runic recently announced that Torchlight 2 has sold over 2 million copies, and that the sales milestone was hit during the Steam Summer Getaway Sale.

Torchlight 2 was released on PC in September 2012.

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