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This is the Nioh version of that hilarious Bloodborne sneak attack video

Remember that amazing Bloodborne sneak-attack-gone-wrong video? No? Well, you're going to when you watch this.

nioh tokugawa ieyasu (1)

It's no secret Nioh shares more than a few things with the Soulsborne series, though more with Bloodborne than Dark Souls.

Because of this, the games can often put you in very similar situations that could have similar outcomes, provided you act the same way in both of them. Nioh, like Bloodborne, allows you to perform a sneak attack/backstab on enemies who have their backs turned to you.

You'll need to unlock it first, and it doesn't do a canned animation, but it has a similar effect. As a result, you'll find yourself slowly approaching enemies who are distracted or looking away, in order to land the attack and get that free damage.

Sometimes, though, you'll focus too much on the act of slightly pushing the left stick forward that you stop paying attention to your surroundings - a death sentence in these games.

Remember that Bloodborne video in which the player was trying to perform a sneak attack on an enemy, only to get sneaked up on themselves? We've embedded it here (via GametimeUKyo) for reference.

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This Nioh video below from Bobby Clement shows a similar situation, only this time, the enemy who caused this planned sneak attack to fail is a lot meagre and harder to anticipate than our burly friend from Bloodborne.

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The lesson here being: don't get too fixated on your target that you ignore other threats. Otherwise, you'll end up like our friends here.

If you know you're not a Ninja, maybe give our simple guide a look. It may not make you into one, but it'll sure help you pretend.

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