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Theories suggest Overwatch's new hero could be a spider tank - or not [UPDATE]

Speculation surrounding the new Overwatch hero continues, and an interesting theory has popped up - but it may not be the "right" theory.



Apparently the hero in the middle of the Overwatch artwork in the insert below is "not the hero you think it is," according to the game's director Jeff Kaplan. He said that about Doomfist earlier this week as well.

You can hear Kalpan say this in the clip below from his talk at DICE 2017 today via IGN, and clipped by Twitch user x1Gonzo (thanks, PCgamesN).

Reddit user ProvenGroundZenyatta also posted some comparisons made with the bits of concept art in this post, showing who the "spider" in the center is and possible who the character morphed into. Also, it's all old concept art so things have changed a lot since 2014.

Also, the bit of concept art below appeared behind him, showing that massive Omnic on the far right (his left) - which was seen previously when Overwatch was first announced. Also, at one point in his talk a silhouette of Athena (Winston's AI system) can be seen.


We're ready to just throw our hands in the air and give up trying to guess who or what the new hero is and just wait on Blizzard to tell us. Our head hurts. Original story follows.

Original Story

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As you already know, as teased yesterday, Efi Oladele is an 11-year-old robotics prodigy from Numbani, the city where the Unity Celebration took place. This is where the gauntlet of Doomfist is located, and where an attempt to steal it took place.

Efi is interested in Omnics, she lives around them in peace and wants to create one to help mankind. This Omnic could be Anchora, a female Omnic quadruped tank hero who was outed by a 4chan member who also leaked the Lunar festival.

Enough of the recap. You can read all of that in the previous posts. Here's the interesting bit: the new hero seems to have been present in both the Sombra reveal trailer and concept art featuring a mechanical spider (thanks, PCgamesN) Blizzard showed at BlizzCon 2014 during a panel.

sombra oevrwatch efi thing

In Arekkz's video you get a look at the hints from the Sombra trailer. The eye symbol is similar to Efi's facial paint, there is a robot of sorts that looks like a spider and its symbol is connected to the gauntlet of Doomfist. Yeah, there he is again despite the fact he is not the new hero per Blizzard. Maybe someday then, or as part of an event.

Anyway, enjoy the continued teasing and my lovely MS Paint skills in the screencap above.

When the new Overwatch character is fully revealed we let you know of course.

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