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This Overwatch leaker totally called the game's next hero

We may have had the identity of Overwatch's next character right under our noses but completely missed it.


It's speculation time again in the Overwatch community. After everyone was sure Doomfist would be the game's next hero, the game's director more or less shot down this theory.

Now, Blizzard released an interview with a new character. Her name is Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old engineer. Given the timing of this in-universe interview, fans have now set sights on Oladele, or someone related to her, as being the game's upcoming character.

It would appear, however, we may have been told about Overwatch's next hero back in January. A 4Chan leaker (recently unearthed on Reddit) posted a number of details back in January, including accurately predicting the game's Lunar New Year event and the Mei Ling skin that would be included.

What's intriguing here is that they mention the name of the game's newest hero, calling her Anchora. According to them, Anchora is a female Omnic quadruped, and believes she's going to be a tank.

Furthermore, the leaker says Anchora is from Numbani, and he even called how Doomfist would not in fact be the new hero. With the exception of the quadruped mention and her name, all the information in this post lines up with what already took place, or what we currently know.

Mei Ling is also about to get her origin story detailed, according to leak. The original post even mentions details of said origin story.

Though this is still an unverified leak, it did accurately predict a couple of things, which makes us take the rest of it seriously.

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