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The World Ends With You: Final Remix on Switch Confirmed to Not Have Pro Controller Support

A Nintendo representative confirmed the lack of Pro support at PAX West 2018.

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The World Ends With You has always been an RPG with a unique control scheme. It started on the Nintendo DS, utilizing the dual touch screen like no other RPG before it. It continued onward with its numerous mobile releases too. Its upcoming release on Switch will be no exception.

At a Nintendo demo event, a Nintendo representative led me through its two control schemes: touch screen with the Switch undocked and most notably its Joy Con-enabled controls, which allow for another player to hop in for co-op (local only, though). A few days ago, a Korean listing for The World Ends With You: Final Mix elicited some conversation due to its omission of Pro controller support. I asked a Nintendo representative if a traditional control scheme with a Pro controller will be supported, to which they confirmed won't be possible. It's solo Joy Con with motion reticle aiming and touch screen or bust.

Luckily, the Joy Con aiming works quite well. It definitely takes some time to get used to, as with all non-traditional control schemes. The new drop-in co-op functionality is great too, but unfortunately it does make battles feel a little bit trivial now that you have another player at your side controlling Neku's partner. Pro support or no Pro support, The World Ends With You will be a solid entry on the Switch, and it even comes with a whole new scenario. The World Ends With You: Final Mix will launch on October 12, 2018.

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