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The Witcher 3: Rough Neighbourhood walkthrough

Play the knight errant and have the favour returned.

The Rough Neighbourhood quest in The Witcher 3 is one of many that sees Geralt helping out defenseless people across Novigrad and beyond. Once again, Geralt is tasked with helping a woman who is being hassled by mercenaries.

And these mercenaries don't take kindly to Geralt playing the knight, either, and will come back for their fair share of payback. To give you a helping hand finishing this quest, here's how to complete the Rough Neighbourhood quest in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Rough Neighbourhood walkthrough

Rough Neighbourhood is a two-parter quest found in Oxenfurt in The Witcher 3. Yes, Oxenfurt is considered part of the Novigrad map. Back in your box. With that said, you'll only run into this quest if you've started The Oxenfurt Drunk Contract.

Start at the Oxenfurt Harbour signpost. Wander south and you ought to find three mercenaries hassling a woman. If they're not there, you'll need to try and return during nighttime.

Approach the mercenaries and no matter what you say, they'll end up battling you. Try to leave your sword sheathed and take them out with your fists; if you do so, you can chat with their target, Dora, and escort her home. If you lose, however, you'll need to reload your previous save. Boo.

If you return to Oxenfurt a few days later, you may be ambushed by five mercenaries in an alley. Fortunately, Dora leaps to your rescue and will help you fight if you escorted her home previously. Defeat the baddies together to finally complete the quest.

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