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The Witcher 3: Out on your Arse! walkthrough

Visit Crippled Kate's brothel and help the ladies.

Geralt is never one to say no to helping people out in The Witcher 3, whether its fending off beasts or simple errands. In the Out on your Arse! quest, this is no different, which Geralt inclined to help a distressed woman outside Crippled Kate's, who claims the brothel has been taken over by some drunk Skelligans.

Skelligans? That's no trouble for Geralt, so it's up to him to deal with this band of merry men so the women of Crippled Kate's can return to the establishment. Here's how to complete the Out on your Arse! quest in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Out on your Arse! walkthrough

To start the Out on your Arse! quest in The Witcher 3, you need to take a stroll down to the docks and visit Crippled Kate's, the seedier of Novigrad's two brothels.

Outside, you should spot one of Kate's girls in some distress; approach her and agree to help rid the tavern of some rowdy Skelligans, who have supposedly thrown everyone out of the brothel so that they can host their own celebrations there.

If the quest doesn't start for you here, you may need to complete the Deadly Delights contract first to be able to start it.

Inside Crippled Kate's, you can either use Axii level two, challenge the leader to a one-on-one fistfight, threaten them to battle all three at once (hard), or boast of your exploits during The Lord of Undvik to scare them off.

However you resolve the matter, the quest giver rewards you with some Crowns for your help.

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