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The Witcher 3: Fencing Lessons walkthrough

Teach Rosa Var Attre to fence, witcher-style.

Geralt meets his fair share of people throughout The Witcher 3. Some friendly, some not so friendly, and some that are just a downright nuisance. There's a lot of those, actually. During the Fencing Lessons quest, Geralt winds up accompanying Rosa to a fencing lesson (surprise), but it appears she has other ideas.

If you need help dealing with Rosa and the drunkards she ultimately runs into, here's how to complete the Fencing Lessons quest in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Fencing Lessons walkthrough

The Fencing Lessons quest is available in The Witcher 3 one day after you complete main quest Broken Flowers - part of Act One: Novigrad - if you agree to keep teaching Rosa.

Visit the Var Atre residence and inform the guard of the purpose of your visit in order to be directed to Temple Bridge. Off you trot.

Beat Rosa up and she'll beg a moment's discretion to adjust her undergarment. As you turn a gentlemanly back, she legs it. Hunt her down using your Witcher Senses to find her trail, ending up in an altercation outside the Seven Cats Inn.

You can resolve this situation by telling the fellows to go away and starting a fight; offering them 50 crowns to go away, or using Axii level two to convince them to go away.

In any case, once they've left, Rosa reveals she really is a spoiled Nilfgaardian brat. Say whatever you like to her as the quest concludes.

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