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The Witcher 3: Empty Coop walkthrough

Brace yourself for a rather adorable quest.

Are you ready for a slight tonal change in The Witcher 3? Rather than saving lives on the battlefield or dispelling great beasts, the Empty Coop quest sees Geralt helping out Yanina, who's chickens have been going missing.

This is one of the sweeter secondary quests in The Witcher 3, giving you the opportunity to save Yanina's chickens, as well as some others who are in need of help... Without further ado, here's how to complete the Empty Coop quest in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Empty Coop walkthrough

The Empty Coop quest is found at a little wilderness homestead southeast of the Honeyfill Meadworks signpost in The Witcher 3. Take the southeast road out of the Meadworks and follow it to land right nearby moments later.

Here, Yanina asks you to kill the wolf that has been killing her chickens. Search around with your Witcher Senses to find pawprints - or are they? Either way, follow the trail, crossing the stream when necessary to continue on the other side.

Eventually, you find a small group of children. Chat calmly to them to get the full story; the children have been stealing the chickens as a way to survive, and leaving wolf tracks behind to try and avoid being caught.

Following the revelation, return to Yanina and explain the situation. You can easily convince her to take the children in, resolving both their problems. You can rock up here later to see Yanina and the children (and chickens!) living in harmony. It's all rather lovely, which makes a nice change from the other grim goings-on in Geralt's adventure.

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