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The Tomorrow Children announced by Q Games exclusively for PS4

Q Games boss Dylan Cuthbert announced The Tomorrow Children today during Sony's gamescom 2014 presentation.

According to Cuthbert,
The Tomorrow Children is the story of a future re-imagined from the after-effects of an experiment in 1960s Russia.

This experiment was meant to ‘sublime’ the human race, or "meld all human minds into one global consciousness."

"Unfortunately it went wrong and decimated the planet, and it took the next 90 years for the few humans left to rebuild to the point where they have created you, the player, as a ‘projection clone’," he said. "You’re tasked with venturing out into ‘The Void’ to reclaim the human race and restore it to its former glory.

The survivors of the experiment have created a society based on Marxist ideals from the 60s which have become distorted over the years.

Players start out as either a proletariat or normal citizen class and actions will provide you with recognition points which can be cashed in at the labor office for state coupons.

These are basically rations. Coal miners back in the day were paid with similar items instead of cash, which would be used at the coal company owned store. Yes, that is the truth.

Anyway, in the game, these coupons can be cashed in for better abilities such as the "Sharp Elbows” perk.

Players will need to explore and mine for materials for the town so it can defend itself from the "marauding attacks of the Izverg." These are giant monsters roaming the void. Islands visited in the game will contain resources generated by the void and contain "all kinds of strange things, including monsters and treasure."

With the mined resources you can craft buildings, gun turrets, light fixtures, cars and tanks which everyone can use to grow the town and defeat the Izverg while restoring the population of the world. You will even elect mayors.

The Tomorrow Children is without a release date.

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