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The Secret World: PvP XP, rewards and matchmaking changes detailed

Funcom has given more detail on upcoming changes to competitive multiplayer in The Secret World.

A new developer update expands on previously mentioned changes coming in Issue #6.

Any living PvP players will now share XP for kills made by the group, but if players are killed repeatedly their XP value will diminish, making it less worth the killer's time. The XP rate resets when the affected player joins a new Battleground. Fight Clubs will emply a similar system.

PvP XP will unlock Battle Ranks. These lend no new powers so don't give veterans an advantage - but will unlock new uniforms which will be automatically equipped in PvP but wearable outside, too.

To solve the matchmaking problem, Funcom is allowing players to sign up for multiple Battlegrounds at once. Using Glicko2, Funcom is tracking player skill and will matchmake players to appropriate rivals where possible.

Coming second in one of the three-way battles at Stonehenge and El Dorado will now offer much higher rewards, making it worthwhile to keep trying even if one side takes a significant lead.

Issue #6 is due sometime this month. Funcom will continue regular, but not monthly, content updates.

If you're keen on The Secret World, the subscription requirement has been dropped, so you only need to pick up the client. VG247's faction of choice is Templar.

Thanks, Massively.

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